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About Us

When we each moved to Boulder about 20 years ago, we were both drawn by the beauty, open-minded spirit and relaxed energy of the town. Over the years we have noticed that life seems to have gotten so full and busy.  It seems everyone (including us), is struggling to feel balanced, to find time for playfulness, for fun, and for connection. We were inspired to create these bike tours as an offering of sorts; our way of trying to increase joy and aliveness, for ourselves and hopefully, for you!

Russ is a free-spirited, adventure and joy junkie who can find the humor in any situation! Russ’s real job title should be “Instigator of Fun”, and you can count on him to be scheming up an adventure for his friends or family at any moment.

Kay might be one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet, known for her propensity to spontaneously break out in dance and up for just about anything! Kay describes herself as “solar-powered” and you can frequently find her outside in nature either hiking the foothills or riding her bike.

A.J. heard the call of the mountains and came West. His life motto is “whoever smiles first wins.” Finding himself quickly bored when within his comfort zone, he’s always looking for a new challenge. Getting out into the woods is a must, and he’ll tell you he’s especially interested in anything on two wheels.

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