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Couples Adventure Tours

3 Reasons Why You Need a Couples Electric Bike Tour

Get Reconnected – Share the thrill of riding our electric bikes and re-discover the playfulness and adventure that brought you together.


Try Something New – Our Couples Adventure Tour offers a “date night alternative”.  It’s a departure from the ordinary night out and a total BLAST! 


Invest In Your Relationship – Between the epic ride through Boulder and the opportunity to reconnect with your partner, the good feelings will last long after the tour is over.  

What’s Included With Your Couples Adventure Tour?

A sensational guided electric bike tour of all the gems of Boulder on the MOST fun and easy-to-ride thing on two wheels

Interactive and fun activities led by a professional couples coach  

Gourmet chocolates and snacks

3 Hours of adventure for only $199 / Couple (Cheaper and more fun than therapy)

Note: This is a 1-day only (10/7 @ 3:30pm) event with room for only 5 couples

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